Military Wedding in Northern Colorado

I must say this was one of the most joyful, worshipful, Christ-focused and others-focused weddings I’ve ever witnessed. Even after 14 hours of shooting I felt energized and refreshed by their love and the environment of the day…a perfect sunset ended the festivities and everyone went home with a full heart.

THANK YOU Josh and Angie for letting me be part of your wedding and for allowing Christ to shine through in such an evident way. Love you guys!


Mark + Ruth | Meaningful Kansas City Wedding

Wow, you guys… I am so excited to be sharing these photos with you! I had the privilege of traveling to Kansas City to shoot a wedding last weekend and wow, did it exceed every expectation in beauty, godliness and fun! Mark and Ruth, and their families, are some of the most loving, outward-focused people I’ve ever met and I was refreshed, not exhausted (amazing after a 15 hour wedding day;) by their wedding.

Mark and Ruth’s story is unique and very clearly orchestrated by God…Mark had been married for almost 9 years to a wonderful woman of God during with God blessed them with three beautiful little girls. God chose to take his wife, Rachel, home to Himself after a long battle with cancer. God then brought Ruth into Mark’s life, and in Mark’s words, “I am continually amazed at how God chooses not to answer prayers (like mine to never get married again) and pours out His abundant blessings and goodness over me and my girls through Ruth. I have been called of God to lay down my life to serve and love Ruth in this life as my wife and to lead her in the Lord to walk faithfully with her God and mine and to reflect the majesty and glory of Christ and His Bride in this world with her.”

Mark + Ruth, may your love continue to grow for each other, for God, and for those around you…congratulations! And may God richly bless your life together with your three little ladies!




Small Town Pennsylvania Wedding

Oh, guys. It’s hard to find words.

Joy and love, laughter and tears, clouds with AND without rain (thank you Jesus!), beautiful ladies and handsome men and cute children, fresh flowers and white lace, candles and greenery, sweet and hilarious family moments, tea cups and cake pops, fireworks…it was just a good, perfect day.

Abby and Javon, you two are just so great and I’m so pleased to be able to share these photos with the rest of the world!

I had the privilege of having the one and only Lyndsi of LYNDSI photography second shoot for me, and I’m so glad to be able to share a few of her photos in this post. 

(above photo by Lyndsi)

– the end –

(Again, everyone – Lyndsi is a straight-up rockstar of a photographer and I was honored to collaborate with her on this post. Go check out her work!)

Elisabeth + Josh’s Urban Littleton Engagement Session

I’m so excited for my dear friend Elisabeth and her fiancé Josh as they embark on this new journey of life – what a stunning couple and how amazing to see how the Lord brought them together.

I have got to say this shoot goes straight to my list of favorites and I was so excited and pleased with the results – I got to try out some new and different lighting and posing styles …all that to say, take a look and I hope you enjoy!