All Is Bright: Christmas Decor on a Budget

Merry Christmas, all! What a beautiful time of the year to celebrate the birth of our Savior. I have been freshly amazed by the fact that Jesus, perfect and holy, humbled Himself in order to redeem a sinful people.

There is so much joy in this season and I love displaying that joy through pretty sparkly lights and greenery. I thought in this post I’d share some of my little Christmas decor ideas/styles…I’ve also done some minor renovating lately and it’s been so fun to add some Christmas cheer to those new spaces. I love being resourceful and making things beautiful without spending a ton and I’m excited about what I’ve been able to create this year! Beneath the photos I’ve added some of my tips and tricks for decorating on a budget.

Now, enjoy…and join with me in hoping that some snow decides to make its way to Colorado for Christmas!

Look for old books throughout the year at thrift stores to add as accents. Not only great for Christmas but the rest of the year as well!


This is an old nativity that my dad’s family had. Meaningful things like this, even if they aren’t “perfect”,  make great centerpieces for mantles!


White tissue paper, old twine, and the wrong side of paper King Soopers bags, and some cut pieces from old garlands make for great wrappings.


We picked up a simple red berry garland to put on our chandelier – simple yet festive.

My mom is a champ and made stockings out of old Christmas sweaters. And aren’t they cute! The mirror, the wreath, and the old clock are from thrift stores.


I love using a few small ornaments and odds and ends for our small trees. The small trees are great to look for at thrift stores (usually a couple of bucks!) and the twine/beads are very inexpensive at any Walmart.


I tied up a bough from our blue spruce with some twine and accented with a ribbon I had lying around. Loving how it turned out.


For the piece on the left, I stained a branch I picked up on a walk, and made the small wreaths out of a $3 garland from Target. On the right is an example of using old un-used pieces of garland. Throw them on any small surface behind something festive!


Merry Christmas! Leave a comment with your favorite shortcuts for making your home festive during the holiday season.