7 Tips On What To Wear For Your Family Session (with examples!)

Since we are in the middle of family session time, I thought I would put together a little outfit guide for you all! These are just a few tips and tricks that I have learned along the way and that I pass on to my families or engaged couples before a session, including some examples at the end of outfit ideas for each season!

#1: DRESS TO FEEL GOOD! I always advise my clients to dress comfortably in something they feel good in! We all have thouse outfits that we feel “eh” about, and those other outfits that we know we pull off well. I have found that in my own experience, when I feel good, I’ll like the photos much better than if I’m feeling “eh”! In other words, if the floral shirt goes well with your husband’s outfit but you feel frumpy in it, and you really like the look and feel of the navy dress…well, go for the navy dress and make your husband change. 😉

#2: CHOOSE COLORS CAREFULLY! I also encourage 4-5 colors that compliment one another, including mostly subdued colors with perhaps one accent color (for example: white, navy, light denim, and rose and/or green for accents). If you go too bright, bold and neon, the colors will likely clash with the background and your skin tones.

#3: PRINTS + TEXTURES ARE YOUR FRIENDS! Contrary to popular belief, stripes and florals can go in the same photo together! In fact, I suggest families to have a couple of solid colors and at least two different textures or prints (i.e. florals, stripes, polka dots, hat, jacket, etc etc).

#4: COORDINATE- DON’T MATCH! I feel very passionately about this one- probably because I am one of 7 siblings and expressing individuality is very important to me. 😉 Giving each member of the family a different outfit not only looks better in a photo, but allows the photo to have more depth of expression. Stay away from the classic denim & white and move toward using entire palettes to style your session!

#5: PLAN IN ADVANCE! Nothing is more stressful than going outfit shopping the day of your session. When you book, be thinking of what you want to wear, and if you have questions, you know how to reach me!

#6 CONSIDER YOUR HOME DECOR! These photos will likely (hopefully!) be plastered all over your house…ok, well, some of them will probably be printed and put on display in your house at least. 😉 When you are choosing your outfits, think of the colors of your walls and general decor and how you can use the outfits to further accent your home.

#7 LOCATION + SEASON! The location and season of your session make all the difference in the kind of outfit you should consider! For example, if you are wanting photos in front of a barn, using burgundy as an accent color won’t work too well. If it’s lucious and green in the springtime, stay away from a style that uses too much green.

And finally, as promised, here are some examples of palettes and outfits to consider during different seasons of the year.

SPRING examples:

SUMMER examples:

FALL examples:

WINTER examples:

I hope this was helpful for you all! Leave me a comment with your thoughts or ideas that I might have missed. Happy weekending!




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